ACEA’s Institute of Campus Evangelism, Church-planting, Apologetics and Prayere University of Southern California campus, The Institute of Campus Evangelism, Church-planting And Prayer (ICECAP) is hosted by The Warehouse–a faith community revealing Christ’s Church on campus. (See syllabus):

Additionally, ICECAP certificate candidates are required (within a seminar-approach) to be trained in the skill of conflict resolution or conflict management.  These ICECAP seminars will be offered at USC and will be taught by the Institute for Conflict Management (ICM) based at Lipscomb University (  Their instructors will use their ICM curriculum and will result in certifying our ICECAP certificate candidates in conflict management.

Further Requirements for Certificate Students:


Prayer: At 9:38-10:02 am or pm weekdays, certificate students will conduct Harvest Prayer for the harvest on campuses, new church-plant, and laborers for that harvest.  On Tuesday’s 9:30am to 10:30am is The Warehouse’s spiritual formation prayer.  ICECAP certificate students will join in the spiritual formation prayer until 10:30am.

Certificate students will be required to participate on Monday and Thursday in the Prayer Movement Room which runs from 8:45-10:15 pm Monday through Friday with Harvest Prayer at 9:38-10:02pm which will be conducted by ICECAP.

Additional Options:

Optionally, ICECAP provides pre-graduation short-term missions and short-term internships with non-profit and non-government organizations (NGO’s) dedicated to societal transformation.