ICECAP presently offers certificates for short-term or long-term ministry:

The Certificate of Missional Living:

ICECAP provides resources for its certificate students (as well as non-certificate students) who wish to develop a missional life as individuals, family members, campus missionaries, short-term missionaries, church leaders, church-planters, civic/community organizers, or marketplace professionals.  This is accomplished by pre-graduation training, a post-graduation internship, and a specified number of assessments.


The Certificate of Campus Missions:

For those students who have graduated, ICECAP provides access to two-graduate level seminary courses, if you qualify.  The accredited courses are offered through Grace College of Divinity (NC), ranked 20th among 880 Bible Colleges.  It is the largest and fastest growing accredited Bible college in NC.  These two courses will be taught by Dr. E. Leo Lawson, Jr., D.I.S. (Fuller) and the credits are transferable to other accredited programs at their discretion.

The first course to be taken is entitled: The Intercultural Study of World Religions during which you will develop a tool to analyze any world religion, including the self-selected one you will analyze during the course.  The second course follows and is entitled: Apologetic Issues in Evangelism during which you will address issues that emerge from various world religions, cults, and secularists.  You will learn about the place of evidentialism, presuppositionalism, and postmodern apologetics.  After applying to Grace College of Divinity, you may enroll in these courses in this order.  You can complete these courses as a stand alone.  But if you additionally complete the on-campus two-year internship, along with the other assessments required, you will achieve The Certificate in Campus Missions.