About Us

What is ICECAP?

The Alliance of Campus Evangelists and Apologists (ACEA) trains campus missionaries, evangelists, apologists and church-planters through the Institute of Campus Evangelism, Church-planting, Apologetics and Prayer (ICECAP).  As ice caps reflect the sun, the Sun of Righteousness (Christ in Mal 4) will be reflected on the campuses of the world through these ACEA-equipped ministers.thesis for lord of the flies an example of argumentative essay

ACEA’s vision is to certify, fund, and release 1000 national campus missionaries and 1000 international campus missionaries by 2030.  The central focus of ACEA is to send laborers to “go into every person’s world” through missional living. ACEA reaches to both national and international students training them to live a missional life for God.  Some of these will volunteer after graduation to give two or more years back to the campus mission field as members of ACEA’s Campus Corps, a two-year internship, achieving a certificate. ACEA’s ICECAP seeks to train both undergraduate and graduate students called to serve as short-term or long-term campus missionaries, evangelists, apologist and/or church planters. How? By empowering them through practical training.

One mechanism for training campus evangelists and apologists is the Alliance of Campus Evangelists and Apologists (ACEA), a ministry of ICECAP.  ACEA meets one day, once-a-year in various venues around the U.S.  This gathering is for those who self-identify as an Ephesians 4:11 campus evangelist, campus apologist, or campus church-planting missionary.  The purpose is to share best, Spirit-born practices for personal evangelism and mass evangelism of students in their teens and twenties. Similarly, we also will do this over our quarterly ZOOM call, the 3rd day of the 3rd month of each quarter (Mar.; June; Sept.; Dec.) Please email Dr. Leo Lawson for more info on dates and venues: